Clarence and Elsie Stout's Vision for Mackinaw

The Clarence and Elsie Stout Memorial Foundation was established at their bequest with a stated desire that it be of benefit in helping Mackinaw Township to remain, “as fine a place to live as it is today”.

Clarence Ramsey Stout, the son of Monte and Mary Ramsey Stout, was born on January 26th, 1909 in rural Mackinaw. Clarence Stout’s ancestors were among the earliest pioneers in what are now Tazewell and McLean Counties. Clare, as he was known, had a very long family history in the Mackinaw community. It was his cousin, Amasa, four generations removed, who built the first county courthouse when Mackinaw was the county seat of Tazewell County from 1828 to 1831. Clare’s grandparents, George and Susannah Stout, lived on a farm just north of Mackinaw, across the Mackinaw River at the bottom of the large hill known as “Stout’s Hill”, on Dee-Mack Road. Clare grew up in this area and received his elementary and high school education in the Mackinaw School System.

Clare owned and operated the Easterly Gold Mine in Oregon from 1935-1942

Elsie's photo from the 1993 Mackinaw Methodist Church directory

After graduating from high school, Clarence left Mackinaw to obtain a university degree and pursue a career. He obtained an engineering degree and enjoyed a long and successful career as a highly regarded professional engineer. While he lived in various parts of the country during much of his career, he and wife, Elsie Denne Stout, returned to Mackinaw for the second half of his career. The two of them continued to live here during retirement until their deaths. Clarence died in 1992, and Elsie died in 2010.

Clare and Elsie in the early years